Sunday, April 27, 2008

Speaking of Race

This Opus cartoon raises the best question no one is asking.

How about this guys? Do we still subscribe to the "one drop of blood" doctrine of what makes someone "Black"? Apparently we do.


gale said...

Some say the first black president was Warren G. Harding.

gale said...

A possibly apocryphal story: In the early 1900s, the president of Haiti told a visiting American diplomat that Haiti was 95% (or something) white and 5% black. The American was astonished, and the Haitian said, well, like you, we also have a one-drop rule. We count someone with one drop of white blood as a white.

Absurd in this day and age when many (?) understand that race doesn't exist genetically (except for, apparently, some Belgians - Joyce, explain.) But American society, at least, is so quick to categorize people based on appearances that Obama is "black" in context until he proves himself otherwise. Meaning he has grown up and lived as a black man in America - society has made him black, not his genetics. Or something like that.