Saturday, August 30, 2008

From the New Yorker

An excerpt from this recent interview with Palin:

Before she was running against him, Sarah Palin—the governor of Alaska and now the Republican candidate for Vice-President of the United States—thought it was pretty neat that Barack Obama was edging ahead of John McCain in her usually solidly red state. After all, she said, Obama’s campaign was using the same sort of language that she had in her gubernatorial race. “The theme of our campaign was ‘new energy,’ ” she said recently. “It was no more status quo, no more politics as usual, it was all about change. So then to see that Obama—literally, part of his campaign uses those themes, even, new energy, change, all that, I think, O.K., well, we were a little bit ahead on that.” She also noted, “Something’s kind of changing here in Alaska, too, for being such a red state on the Presidential level. Obama’s doing just fine in polls up here, which is kind of wigging people out, because they’re saying, ‘This hasn’t happened for decades that in polls the D’ ”—the Democratic candidate—“ ‘is doing just fine.’ To me, that’s indicative, too. It’s the no-more-status-quo, it’s change.”

I can see the Obama ad now.


lizzard said...

Did you see this?

Pretty crazy...

gale said...

I hadn't heard anything about this, Lizzy. I'm not sure what to think - it has elements of the National Enquirer about it, but then again, they were right about Edwards. Obviously the scandal here is not whether or not her daughter had a child, but the post-incident lying, if it is in fact true. If there is any merit to the story, it's another sad, sad example of the right finding themselves in another glass house.

gale said...

So, and then there's this.


I guess the Daily Kos wasn't entirely correct. Glass houses still apply.

lizzard said...

I guess her abstinence policies are failing, even in her own house.

I think it's sad that they are encouraging a 17 year old to get married too. As if marriage isn't hard already, being 17 with a child and a mother who is running for a major political office will probably not make things any easier.