Saturday, October 25, 2008

November Fifth

What do you think Wednesday, November 5 will be like?

On NPR yesterday, they did a story about race and the election, and they interviewed black and white voters in York, PA. At one point, a white woman expresses her fear that with an Obama victory, blacks would riot, and with an Obama defeat, blacks would riot. Then everyone expressed their concern that with an Obama victory, white supremacists might rally. [Lots of other interesting things were also said].

I wonder if some Republicans will think Obama and the Democrats "stole" the election - I think the Acorn scandal is laying the groundwork for this argument. If Obama loses, though, I think that Democrats - of all races - will think that something fishy went on since he's currently ahead in the polls.


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lizzard said...

I'm voting today. I'm hoping Colorado goes for Obama...It looks like it could happen!