Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bread & Roses in Massachusetts

Jackie, is this organization anywhere near you? They have the right idea - and I think the Episcopal church is in the position to broaden this to the arts, because it's what the Episcopalians have more than any other Christians in this country.

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Jacqueline Schmitt said...

Yes, it is kind of near us -- north of Boston while we are south. It's quite like our soup kitchen. They have the advantage of that strike and it's fabulous slogan! (I've been to the Lawrence strike museum -- very cool!) Our larger project, for a community center, which we have envisioned as a kind of like a settlement house for the 21st century, is called the PleasantGreen Project -- to build Jerusalem in Brockton's green and pleasant land! Our block is bounded by Pleasant and Green streets, and our goal is to make that block a place of beauty and utility - it starts with lunch, and adds hospitality during the non-lunch hours, and then building an apartment house for low-moderate income people, but also cultural enrichment so that "the poor" are not segregated in a poor neighborhood, but offers the kind of arts/culture life that interests all kinds of people who live in this community. This blog conversation with you, Joyce, helps clarify some of our thoughts, and I should probably update our webpage. There are some pictures on my blog -- The Adventurous Parson -- too.